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Power BI Desktop August 2019 Feature Summary

23/08/2019 09:40
Our August release has another hotly anticipated feature from the Microsoft Business Application Summit, grouping. Grouping in reports, similar to PowerPoint’s grouping, lets you easily organize groups of visuals to move and resize them as a set. This month’s release also has some updates to our...

Azure fundamentals Course and Certification Studies

14/08/2019 18:32
This is the path way to someone who is trying to find material for studies and certification.   10400 XP Azure fundamentals 8 hr 59 min Learning Path 11 Modules Beginner Developer Solution Architect Administrator AI...

Azure Data Box Edge Appliance Now Commercially Available

13/08/2019 20:48
Microsoft on Tuesday announced the general availability of Azure Data Box Edge and Azure Data Box Gateway. Azure Data Box Edge is a "1U rack-mountable appliance" made by Microsoft that can be used to help with compute and storage tasks before transferring data to Azure datacenters. Azure...

Visual Studio Code C# AWS Lambda | Serverless Cloud Computing

13/07/2019 09:23
This video shows you can create an application in AWS to run a C# or any other development for ETL:

SQLite - Small and Super Power

27/06/2019 19:38
It is easy to use, portable and integrates directly with applications.  It is a serverless self-contained database engine and is great for development and testing so if you want a ‘lite’ solution for applications and just want something small scale then it is great.  If you need a...

SQLSartuday in Auckland New Zealand - August/2019

23/04/2019 19:15
    For futher information:    

Explainer: Understanding the size of data

13/03/2019 22:45
How big is big? A handy guide to understanding large quantities of information   The Large Hadron Collider, an underground particle collider in Europe, can produce 42 terabytes of data a day.   MAXIMILIEN BRICE, CERN Scientific reports on big data seem to borrow terms from...

Data Never Sleeps

13/03/2019 21:28
Further documentary:  

Tableau Donut Pie Charts

07/03/2019 19:51

SSIS - Validation by Expressions using variables on the SQL Query resultset

01/03/2019 19:02
This is the way to validate the progress using variables to define the way to forward:     Change the Step: Loading Validation   Set up the Result set:            
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