SSIS - Log Error - Retrieve the column causing an error in SQL Server Integration Services

29/09/2019 15:52
In versions of SSIS before SQL Server 2016, there was no easy way in the data flow to retrieve the name of the column that caused a component to fail.    To make it works, you should follow these steps:   1 - Add a new Script Transformation (Error Details)   2 - Select only the...

Tableau Donut Pie Charts

07/03/2019 19:51

SSIS - Validation by Expressions using variables on the SQL Query resultset

01/03/2019 19:02
This is the way to validate the progress using variables to define the way to forward:     Change the Step: Loading Validation   Set up the Result set:            

Statistics Errors in Measurement - Margem de Erro

21/01/2019 22:51
Relative Error =  Absolute ErrorMeasured Value    

Cálculo passo a passo do desvio-padrão (Standard Deviation) - SQL Samples

20/01/2019 19:56
  Exemplo interativo passo a passo do cálculo do desvio-padrão Primeiro, precisamos de um conjunto de dados com o qual trabalhar. Vamos escolher algo pequeno para que não sejamos sobrecarregados pelo número de pontos. Confira um bom: 6, 2, 3,...

Infographic: A World of Languages

09/01/2019 21:12
  Source: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/a-world-of-languages/

Correlation Coefficient - Statistics

04/01/2019 17:01
  Correlation. Correlation is a statistical technique that can show whether and how strongly pairs of variables are related. For example, height and weight are related; taller people tend to be heavier than shorter people. The relationship isn't perfect.   A simple way to have a better...

Mediana (Median) and Moda (mode)

04/11/2018 18:45
Straightforward:   Mediana (Median): We should first organize the number in a sequence to after finding the median: Once we have the sequence done, considering the total of factors is even, the leftover number will be the median, ex: the number 6 (figure) is between the group of three...

Linear Regression - Statistics

04/09/2018 17:20
I can not have all the information about you, but if I know how tall you are I can predict your weight. if you tell me how old you are I can tell your preference about music. Or, if you say your education level, immediately I can figure out your monthly salary. Also, if you give a hint about...

Power BI Report Server Update – August 2018

28/08/2018 13:54
Today, we’re pleased to announce the August update of Power BI Report Server!  This release contains several new features, including some highly anticipated items like report theming, conditional formatting improvements, and report page tooltips. Read on to learn more about these and many...
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