BI and Statistics

DAX Functions for SSAS and Power BI

12/02/2020 21:55
Harvest Power BI Slicer Selections To Use With Other Measures - Advanced DAX  - Auxiliar table and selections   Change measures using slicers in Power BI Desktop- Power BI Tips & Tricks #20 - Switch,iscrossfiltered, customized...

Simple guidelines for more efficient report & dashboard design

11/02/2020 21:46
It is already for more than three years that I’m engaged with the topic of business information design. It was during a regular Crystal Reports project. We were about to finalize the IT concept phase and the project was on track. Crystal Reports was already selected as the tool to go forward with....

Power BI DAX Dynamic Coding Table

08/11/2019 11:27
Static Tables in Data Models A static table has a fixed number of rows and columns and cannot be refreshed. Usually it is useful whenever you have a list of settings or parameters or values that will never change unless you will modify other parts of the data model and/or of DAX...

Power BI Pareto Formula

08/11/2019 11:17
  Metrics: PercentageIssues = (Pareto[IssuesTotal] / [SubTotalIssues])*100   Pareto_Value = SumX(TOPN([Rank],ALL(Pareto[Equipment]),[Total_Amount]),[Total_Amount])   Rank = RANKX(ALL(Pareto[Equipment]),[Total_Amount])   SubTotalIssues =...

SQL 2016 and CTE Pareto Formula

08/11/2019 11:14
  Declare @start date = '2018-09-05 23:45:52.153', @end date = '2018-09-06 21:36:12.473';   With Base    as    ( select as livecount , ad.EquipmentName, ad.[Message]   from  AlarmLive a join DimAlarmTrigger ad on a.AlarmTriggerId = ad.Id Join...

SSIS - Log Error - Retrieve the column causing an error in SQL Server Integration Services

29/09/2019 15:52
In versions of SSIS before SQL Server 2016, there was no easy way in the data flow to retrieve the name of the column that caused a component to fail.    To make it works, you should follow these steps:   1 - Add a new Script Transformation (Error Details)   2 - Select only the...

Tableau Donut Pie Charts

07/03/2019 19:51

SSIS - Validation by Expressions using variables on the SQL Query resultset

01/03/2019 19:02
This is the way to validate the progress using variables to define the way to forward:     Change the Step: Loading Validation   Set up the Result set:            

Statistics Errors in Measurement - Margem de Erro

21/01/2019 22:51
Relative Error =  Absolute ErrorMeasured Value    

Cálculo passo a passo do desvio-padrão (Standard Deviation) - SQL Samples

20/01/2019 19:56
  Exemplo interativo passo a passo do cálculo do desvio-padrão Primeiro, precisamos de um conjunto de dados com o qual trabalhar. Vamos escolher algo pequeno para que não sejamos sobrecarregados pelo número de pontos. Confira um bom: 6, 2, 3,...
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