Python IDEs and Code Editors (Guide)

Visual Studio Code   Category: Code Editor Website: Python tools: Not to be confused with full Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code (aka VS Code) is a full-featured code editor...

Machine Learning Dataset Samples

This is the most popular for Machine Learning Examples:   This is from Youtube - Mark Keith channel (Bike Buyers: bikebuyersNumeric.xls...

Download R and RStudio for Windows

R for Windows This is the address to download of R     R Studio for Windows This is the address to download of R Studio  

Snoopwpf: Snoop - The WPF Spy Utility C# Windows development

  Snoop is very helpful for issues analysis, to trace and find out the causes for WPF development solutions.

Download Software for Study - Photoshop

It requires Utorrent for download first:

Release document for production with a tester check-list

This is a simple document for approval before an development goes to production:       Prod Release Stored Proc Template.docx (22237)

SQL Maintenance Download (Index) solution

Visual Studio 2017 - Free

Jing - Free Snagit Alternative - Marcar imagem

Jing Jing is a free Snagit alternative presented with a very beautiful interface. It has the ability to capture anything visible on the screen and offers editing functions, from marking up screenshots to highlighting areas and inserting text boxes. Function of recording screen is also available on...

Data Anaysis - SQL Server Performance / Real Time


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