Expressões comuns em Inglês - Parte: 01

10/05/2015 14:05

When it comes to .... = Trantando de ...

Make off = steal something por engano

The alarm was activated = went off

I put up with Sandra = suportar / aguentar

If you take it for granted you don't deserve it. = se vc nao valoriza isso, vc nao o merece

Don't make it for granted = nao me desvalorize!

Make up for = compensar
Nothing can make up for the lost of my child

Pile up= list of tasks

You can rely/count on me = confiar/ contar

All over = whole part

You are three days behind schedule = late

Congratulation, you are 5 days ahead of schedule = early

He can't comes today due severe problems

I'd like to have a motorcycle here to get away from it all! = to forget the problem.

I tread / troad in your feet= pisar/ pisei

I'm felling on the ball today = on live / happy alert

I will go to the party rain or shine = anyway

I aim to advance to next level = mereço

Touching on that point = to complete your idea

I step at accelerator = pisar

Make off = steal something

I had it up with Sandra = I fight with her and resolved

What are you up to? = what is your plan?

The cost of this car is next to nothing

What on earth have been doing her? = surprise (what hell have you been doing here?)

Over there = down there (i can see where) near/clear far I have to say: over wye there so far

Hang on = wage / salary = hold on

Beauty sleep = enough or extra sleep

I can't stand = I hate

It's raining, so it's shame!

It's a shame = you are sick

To take part = join in

That was my blame! I was to blame!

snuck up = pegos de surpresa

USAR: bastante alguma coisa:
"Before I gave up smoking I was going through 40 cigarettes a day." (Antes de parar de fumar eu fumava 40 cigarros por dia.)

You are peeling me! Me esfolando descamando

I hope to hear back! = Wait for someone

High pinched = loudly sound

I missed yesterday and now I have to catch up my task = Organize

I noticed it = I saw it

Pile up = stack of stuffs to do

I like to play / I like playing soccer

Hard up / in the red = without money

Thanks say: not at all / do you like marmite say: I dont like it at all  ( de modo algum)

She doesn't know it at all (mesmo!)

You work so hard, you earn a car!

I will get my pay next week = I will receive my income

I owed (owid)  some money from my father = received money
I will owe (oui) some money

Sort out / work out something = resolve something

Have you sort it (soutidi) out? Sorted it out! Could you help me to sort it out!

A Tad odd = little strange

Who's going to take the minutes? Get the notes

I have to put off the motorcycle event= postpone

I go to my school from time to time = sometimes

My boss whisy-washy the roles = change the rules frequently

You haggled = you gave me discount

My charger is faulty = it's not working

You jumped to wrong conclusion=assume

I always arrive hold up= late

I tuned out = I lost attention
Don't tune out

The motorcycle has been rained off = call off (caldoff) = cancelled

Don't tune out (tchunout) = don't pay attention

Tell / told off = reprimand / chastise / rebuke

I want to save up to buy a car

Proof of purchase = a receipt

A gold-digger = the girl is a gold-digger (interesseira)

Sugar-dad= man who like young girls

I'm Out of touch = without contact

Hurry up = rapid

For positive and negative things =You deserve go to the prison / you deserve a new car

Positive = I earn $50 per hour / I ear a holyday

We planned to travel, but my friend turn it down = declined

My friend took / take up on my invitation to go travel = accept

Man! Pass your car up = sale your car his so bad

You have to think it over = make a decision

Let's wrap up the meeting = finish the meeting

I will wrap up the Sandra's gift

The singer wrapped up the concert

I couldn't make it for your party! = I couldn't come to your party

Get over = i was 5 years in get over after broke up with some one

Screw up = make mistake / amassar
I screw my job interview up!

I smashed the window = I broke the window

I  finally had it out with my neighbour = I had a big argument and  fought (fight)

I crushed the box on the rubbish to fit more
You can ask Alex over for dinner
Get a drink and take on load off = relax

I called the waitress over to make a complain = called to come here...

The food is gone off = it's expired

I take/took Mark up on job = I accepted

I have to wait for two weeks to get over my cold = resolve

I have a cold, but I'm recovering= resfriado

I have it out with Sandra and fight= big aguirre with Sandra

I'd like to take you up on your invitation = let's do it

I'll take up on that!!!  = lets go

I'll sleep on it! = I will go to bed thinking about it

I will pass Mark up / I will pass on that = I will decline

The police is tracking the thief down = it's looking for the thief

High Turnover=replace people

Do you wanna a chew (tchuuuuu gun)

You are shut in=gosta de ficar em casa

Wall flower= pessoa fica na festa timido

Party animal=gosta de festa

Couch potato=gosta de ficar na frente da tv

I have a pile up of books to read = A lot of tasks to do

Come over=vem em casa

Turned out=what happened

Hung on / up = atender ou desligar telefone

The sky is Overcast = nublado

A fender bender=batidinha leve na traseira do carro

My big sister=irma mais velha

My little sister=irma mais nova

For a while=por um momento

Afford to=became independent

Take place=happen (acontece)

What does it mean?

Do you study English?

Are you studying English?
Nowadays/right now

I drive to work - Often/habit/usually/fact
I'm driving to work - right now/nowadays

Fewer friends=less menos amigos

Felony charges=acusações criminais

Get along well with Someone=passo um bom tempo com alguem

Post pone=prostegar

She passed away=ela morreu

Use as much detail as you can such as = use e abuse com...
she makes use of everything=ela aproveita tudo

Try to make the best use of your time= tente aproveita o maximo/o melhor do seu tempo
I know I did something wrong. You don't need to rub it in. [ Sei que fiz algo errado. Não precisa ficar jogando na minha cara. ]

Can(normal - keen)
Can't(no ceu da boca - kaaant)

neat and tidy=limpo e arrumado

I'm used to eating meat=estou acostumado a comer carne

blew it(blue it) = estragou tudo

The fact =de fato

hell out of me=fora do sério / de mim

sum up=resume / summary

to bear in mind= to have in mind

keep digging=continue pesquisando

In the meantime=enquanto isso

screw it=que se dane

buck up=anime-se/ recuper seu humor

throw in away(true)=jogue fora

chin up=levante a cabeça/anime-se

Run away / ran away=fugir/ fugiu

sign on=registrar inscrever

dam it=puta merda

Lay off=botar fora / colocar fora

freak out=surtar

freaking out=pirando

He was away=ele foi embora

Happy belly = Barriga feliz (depois de comer)

That is silly little thing= coisa boba

glistening (glissening)=brilhando/brilliant/shyne (sunshine)

Can we take raincheck? = can we to another timer?

Wanna pop up/meet up/ come over for a quick dinner?

Would care to join us for dinner? = would like to join us for dinner?

Don't worry about things cause every little things is gonna be alright

When it comes to technology, Sandra is the best= quando se trata...

Gimme a break=me da um tempo

such a pity (suet a piri) = que pena

I'm very attached to it=sou muito ligado / gosto muito disso

don't get worked up = não fique nervoso

I look forward to start my job
Estou ansioso para iniciar meu trabalho

We are looking forward to hearing from you
Esperamos receber notícias / retorno

you can reach me in the office
Vc pode me encontrar no escritório

Tenho de colocar o meu trabalho em dia.
I have to catch up on my work.

Vou tentar colocar meu sono em dia!
I'll try to catch up on some sleep.

Ele deve colocar toda a papelada em dia.
He has to catch up on his paperwork.

Por que você não colocar a sua leitura em dia
Why don't you catch up on your reading?

Do you fancy comming (old fashion) = would like to come...

I don't care = não estou nem aí / não estou me lixando

I don't realy care about that= eu nao me importo com isso

Hang over your gun = entregue sua arma

You are crushing on Maicon = vc esta atraido por Maicon

Nathan dumped with Virgine last week = terminou

Geek person = critical persol and not sociable = nerd

Hooked / hooked on = addicted - viciado
I' hooked on  in motorcycle

She is looker, don't think? = atraente

It's sick= é uma bosta

Yeah, epic fail! = extremamente ruim

Rip a piece of paper / ripped body (malhado)

Dunno = I don't know

what the heck is going on? Que diabos esta fazendo?

Stabbed in the back= apunhalar nas costas - Sarah stabbed Kate in the back!

What are you reckon? Oque vc acha? Estima? Conta?

What is it made of? Plastic

How do you want your  steak done?
Well done / medium / rare (bloody)

fritter away = gastar / desperdiças dinheiro

veg out = ficarmos lá

Pitch in= se juntar para cada um ajudar um pouco com servico ou dinheiro

Maybe we can all pitch in and buy her something great

Cold turkey= sensacao de quando para um vício = abstinencia

Face the music=ser mais exigente consigo mesmo para ter melhores resultados

On the ball = preparado para ser rapido o bastante para fazer uma atividade
You are really on the ball

Keep your chin up = desanimado

Hit the books= dar uma folhada

Ripped off = isto é um roubo (gíria)

Everybody had a blast = todos ficaram exautados/ foi demais

(YOU ARE) TEN OUT Of TEN=nota 10
^ not necessarily needed

smashed up=destruído

Get over it = esqueça isso

scrape off=raspar

We can hang out sometime!
Nós podemos fazer ou sair para fazer algo junto

In fact=de fato

blend up=misturar se

I'd love that = eu adoraria isso

Pin up=moda sensual

I fond of motorcycle=eu gosto demais de moto

I'm keen to ride motorcycle= estou entusiasmado para andar de moto

I can't stand getting up early=eu odeio acordar cedo

I should have brought(brooout)=eu deveria ter pego

If I only I had brought my umbrella with me=eu deveveria ter pego meu guarda-chuva

I wish I had taken it= eu desejava ter pego isso

I'm so beat(bieet(curto T)) = cansado

Chill out / chilling out/ chilled out= relaxe / fique frio

Do you want come round / come to? = oq vc acha de vir junto? 

get ya=te busca

get high=ficar doidao

get Your Ya-Ya's Out=liberte seu lado animal

I look forward to seeing you on Friday = te verei na sexta

I am booked up = agenda cheia

showed up=mostrou se

Take for granted=quando gostade usar o computador mas esta casando de usar

I'll watches up (whachup)= I

will watches my dishes

tidy up=limpar / arrumar

Split up=separar

Ain't= are not

An't= am not

Cut down=reduzir a comida

Make it up= worth valer a pena

Make up= maqueagem

If only=quem dera / se ao menos / ahhh

Let's figure that problem out, ok? ( Vamos resolver este problema, tá bom?)

Can you help me figure out this problem? (Dá pra você me ajudar a solucionar este problema?)

What are you doing up to now? = ... Ate o momento

I can't make up my mind between La and Auckland=Não consigo me decidir entre La e Auckland

how does this scarf suit me?
como este cachecol combina comigo

When shall we leave?
Quando partimos?

You live in Italy, don't you?
You don't live in Italy, do you?

You are from France, aren't you?
You aren't from France, are you?

Have you ever been to Japan?

Haven't you  been  to Harbor before?

I getting a hair cut
I was haven my hair cut

Do you mind if I opening the window? = você se importaria se eu abrisse a janela?
Shall I / Shall we = gostaria no futuro

Stop by my pad sometime. [ Passa lá em casa qualquer hora. ]

Would you mind if I opened the window?=você se importaria se eu abrisse a janela?

might as well=bem que podiamos

I got to go=I need to go

I duno=I don't know

put up a fight = esperniou / brigou

Don't worry about things cause every little things is gonna be alright - Bob Marley

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