How can I do to insert the Start button at Menu on Windows Server 2012?

19/04/2015 15:24


Do you miss the old Start Menu on Windows Server 2012 when remotely administering your servers? Try these quick steps to add a "Programs" toolbar to your Taskbar that operates in a similar fashion to the old Start Menu - without adding ANY 3rd party software to your server.

PS - This works on Windows 8 as well.

Steps  (4 total) 

1- Display "Hidden items" on your C: Drive

Open File Explorer and browse to your C: Drive. On the View tab, check the "Hidden items" checkbox.

2 - Add a New Toolbar on your Taskbar.

Right-click on a blank area of your Taskbar and select Toolbars > New Toolbars.

3 - Browse to the Start Menu\Programs folder.

In the New Toolbar dialog box, browse to the "C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" folder.

4 - Click the "Select Folder" button.

Click the "Select Folder" button to add the new Toolbar to your Taskbar.


Done! You now have a new "Programs" toolbar that operates much like the old Start menu for browsing and launching installed programs and tools.

Hope this helps in your adoption of Windows Server 2012!

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