Query Analyzer to Linux

02/08/2015 10:19

The RazorSQL download is a full trial version that includes all features. 

The download  expires 30 days after the first use. After the expiration, a registration code /  serial number
must be purchased to continue using RazorSQL.

RazorSQL is a desktop application that provides users with the ability to query, edit, browse, and manage databases.  To download RazorSQL, click the "Download" link next to the text below that best describes  your computer. Please see the links below for installation and uninstallation procedures for the various operating systems supported by RazorSQL.

Source: https://razorsql.com/download.html

--// Download through the linux
wget https://downloads.razorsql.com/downloads/6_3_24/razorsql6_3_24_linux_x86.zip

--// Unzip
sudo unzip razorsql6_3_24_linux_x86.zip

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