Best SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools and Software Comparison and Reviews

Monitoring SQL Server for Performance, Up-time and other crucial stats is one of the most important tasks you can do in order to keep your database server software running smoothly and efficiently. We've compiled a list of the top SQL server performance monitoring tools and software as well as some pricing information as well.

Monitoring and fine tuning a SQL install is a task that all DB Administrators and Engineers need to get under their belt as it will really prove to be beneficial to not only your server hardware, but your end user experience as well.

Some of the main issues that arise when dealing with slow SQL servers include some of the following:

  • Database Size –  As the database size grows, the SQL server will need more memory and CPU to read data from the tables, and when the size of each table increases, it slows down the DB operations. Monitoring Database size is
  • Query Structure – Finding the most expensive queries on the SQL DB will be crucial to the servers performance. Once you've identified queries that are taking up the most resources, you can address them to reduce load on server cycles and memory usage before your DB comes to a halt. Finding out which application is causing these expensive queries on your database will help you diagnose the issues behind these queries and remedy them quickly and efficiently. Monitoring these queries will help you identify which host application is causing these issues and potentially help you diagnose these other applications that could be on the verge of crashing as well.
  • Index Fragmentation – SQL indexes the database to make searching the DB faster and more efficient. Proper indexing helps you search the DB faster and more efficiently, but when data is modified, deleted or removed, the indexed content gets scattered and the DB becomes fragmented and will result in database degradation.
  • Performance –  Memory, Cache and paging should be monitored in real-time to ensure your SQL Server software is performing at its optimal rate and not facing bottlenecks.

Our Top Picks for Database Monitoring and Optimization

We've put together a list of tools and software that will assist you in monitoring your production SQL database server and all you to get insights into its performance, hardware and other important factors that need to be monitored.

Below is a list of SQL Server Performance Tuning and Monitoring Tools and Software:

  1. Solarwinds DB Performance Analyzer
  2. Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager
  3. Lepide SQL Server Auditing
  4. Heroix Longitude®
  5. SQL Power Tools
  6. Red-Gate SQL Monitor
  7. Sentry One (SQL Sentry)
  8. dbForge Monitor by Devart


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