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How to Restore Oracle Database using RMAN (with Examples)

As a Linux sysadmin, you might recover a system from backup, which may include Oracle Database. So, it is essential for all admins to understand how to restore oracle database from backup. Typically, DBAs will use Oracle RMAN utility to take a hot backup of the database. This tutorial provides an...

Update in Oracle with Join and Multiples tables

SQL> update (select ename, dname           from emp e, dept d          where e.deptno = d.deptno            and empno = 7788)    set ename = 'X', dname = 'Y'

Identify Oracle Version from your server


ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET error installing Oracle XE on Mint and Ubuntu

As you are probably aware, Mint is based on Ubuntu. No doubt you are also aware that from 11.10, Ubuntu changed the way systemd worked. You didn’t know that ? No, I must confess that it passed me by as well. Anyway, the upshot of this is that, without getting too technical, they’ve moved stuff...

Installing Oracle 11G on Linux Ubuntu

First of all you have to install these packages:   Install the required software packages: sudo apt-get install libaio1 sudo apt-get install libaio-dev sudo apt-get install unixODBC sudo apt-get install unixODBC-dev sudo apt-get install expat sudo apt-get install...

Fix the error on VM Oracle with machine that has vt-xamd-v-hardware-acceleration option

To sort it out, follow this procedure:   Today's tip lists the most common causes of VirtualBox's dread "VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration is not available on your system" error. This error generally makes an appearance during OS installs to a machine, or shortly after starting a new VM the...

Oracle Editor - Show Procedure / Package Details

select * from all_objects where object_type = 'PROCEDURE' AND OWNER = 'OWNER_NAME' select * from all_objects where OWNER = 'OWNER_NAME'  ORDER BY 2SELECT TEXT FROM USER_SOURCE WHERE NAME = 'PROCEDURE_NAME' ORDER BY Line;

SQLPLUS Straight connection

Use this command to log in with SQL plus:sqlplus {username}/{password}@//{ip}:{port}/{SID}sample:sqlplus test_username/test_password@//

Mostra o IP do servidor Oracle

select UTL_INADDR.get_host_address() from dual;

Show the local machine - Oracle - Query

select * sys_context('USERENV','HOST') from dual;

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