Azure fundamentals Course and Certification Studies

14/08/2019 18:32
This is the path way to someone who is trying to find material for studies and certification.   10400 XP Azure fundamentals 8 hr 59 min Learning Path 11 Modules Beginner Developer Solution Architect Administrator AI...

Visual Studio Code C# AWS Lambda | Serverless Cloud Computing

13/07/2019 09:23
This video shows you can create an application in AWS to run a C# or any other development for ETL:

Math is Fun - Website for Statistics

28/02/2019 19:15
Great website to study Statistics:  

Redes Neurais - IA

20/01/2019 18:12  

Criando modelos preditivos com Azure Machine Learning

18/12/2018 19:59
    Veja o video:    

Usando Parametros com Tableau

06/12/2018 18:57

Tableau - Cálculo de Tabela Rápido

06/12/2018 18:42

Conectando seus dados pela primeira vez no Tableau

06/12/2018 18:30

Online Free Courses

12/05/2017 15:24
That website is an initiative from Auckland Universit:

Leaning Statistics - Algebra - Easy Way

03/11/2016 08:09
This is a simple and didactic website for someone who wants to learn Algebra and Statistics, in an easy way.  
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